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The health benefits of eating yogurt

Choose yogurt for a healthy snack choice

History is ripe with stories extolling the healthy benefits of yogurt. Nomadic Turks mention yogurt in their earliest writings and the dairy product was even rumored to have cured a French Kingís stomach illnesses.

Today, the benefits of eating yogurt to maintain a healthy lifestyle remain.

Healthy Yogurt Contains Important Nutrients

Because yogurt is a dairy product, it is an excellent source of calcium. Getting enough calcium into your diet, along with Vitamin D strengthen bones and helps to prevent against diseases like osteoporosis. Many yogurts have as much as 15 percent of the daily recommended amounts of calcium and vitamin D. Eating a healthy yogurt, with active-live cultures also aids in the absorption of calcium. Along with calcium, yogurt is also high in protein. Yogurt, on average, has anywhere from 4 to 10 grams of protein per 8 ounces.

Yogurt Improves Digestion

Scientific research has shown that the probiotics (live cultures) in yogurt can help with a myriad of digestive tract and health complaints like irritable bowel syndrome, yeast infections and even diarrhea. In addition to helping improve digestion, Good cultures can help boost the bodyís natural immune defenses and fight off harmful bacteria that can lead to additional health concerns.

Yogurt Tastes Good

With so many different flavors of yogurt to choose from, yogurt isnít just healthy, it tastes great in a variety of dishes. Whether you pair it with fruit or granola, for a simple and delicious breakfast, or you have a cup of yogurt as a side to go with a sandwich or salad at lunch, yogurt is always a great addition. And yogurt can even be used as a base in dipping sauces. Plain yogurt can be used as a healthy alternative to using sour cream, and some people even use healthy yogurts as a substitute for oil or butter in cakes and desserts.

Yogurt Makes A Great Snack

With our busy lifestyles, itís always nice to have an alternative to junk food, that doesnít take time to prepare. Healthy yogurt is a perfect alternative. Today, yogurts come in single serving packs that can be easily kept in the refrigerator at work or at home to be there when you need it. Yogurt is also a good snack for children and because it helps absorb nutrients better, and aids in growth.
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