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Laban is a healthy drink alternative

A great drink for kids and adults

With so many unhealthy drink options out there, itís nice to know there is one that is actually healthy for you. Laban, the popular Saudi yogurt drink, is one such drink. The benefits of drinking healthy laban are endless.

Improved Digestion

Since laban is a yogurt drink. Drinking laban gives you many of the same healthy benefits of eating yogurt. One of which, is improved digestion. Yogurt is known for having probiotic cultures, often known as ďgood bacteria.Ē Probiotics found in laban work their way through the digestive track and into the gut. Once in the gut, the good bacteria works alongside your bodyís natural occurring bacteria to help healthy digestion by improving digestion speed. Scientific research has shown that probiotics can help with sluggishness and stomach discomfort. Good bacteria, like those found in healthy laban can also help boost the bodyís immune system.

Healthy Laban Ingredients

Because laban is a dairy product, it includes a number of beneficial nutrients for your body. Laban is an excellent source of calcium and Vitamin D. Getting enough calcium into your diet, along with Vitamin D will help strengthen bones. Women especially need to be aware of a loss of bone mass as they age, because low bone density can lead to osteoporosis. Healthy laban can contain as much as 15 percent of the daily recommended amounts of calcium and vitamin D. Drinking laban with active-live cultures also aids in the absorption of calcium

Laban is Convenient

With our busy lives, itís always nice to have an alternative to high-sugar drinks. Now, choosing a healthy laban drink is easy. Activia Laban comes in a convenient plastic bottle that can be taken anywhere. Itís easy to stock your fridge with the healthy drink and take it on the go whenever you need it. Laban is also a healthy choice for growing children because it is packed with nutrients. The live and active cultures promote the absorption of nutrients which has been shown to help build strong bones in growing children.
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