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Activia FAQs

1) What are the benefits of yoghurts in general and how is Activia® different?

Activia® and other yoghurts are a source of calcium, which helps to build strong bones. For example, one 125g pot of Activia® strawberry contains 21% of your RDA (recommended daily allowance) of calcium.

Activia®, like other live yoghurts, contains two bacterial cultures: Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilus. These have been shown to help digest lactose - which may help people with lactose intolerance.

As well as these benefits, Activia® - with its unique culture Bifidus ActiRegularis® - helps to improve slower digestive transit when 1 to 2 pots are eaten every day for 14 days as part of a healthy, balanced diet and lifestyle.

Don’t forget that you will need to consume Activia® regularly to achieve its benefit. We recommend at least one pot a day for at least 14 days.

2) Is Activia® a probiotic product?

Yes. Activia contains probiotics - live microorganisms which, when eaten live and in sufficient quantities, have a beneficial effect on our health – so it is classed as a probiotic product.

3) What is Acti Regularis™?

The human digestive system is naturally inhabited by billions of bacteria called the intestinal microflora. You begin acquiring this internal ecosystem in infancy and by the time you've reached adulthood, there are as many as five hundred bacterial species in the colon alone, including Bifidobacteria. Acti Regularis™ is a unique and highly beneficial strain of Bifidobacteria only available in Activia.

4) What Acti Regularis™ does?

Specialists at Danone Clover® selected Acti Regularis™ for Activia because it survives through the digestive tract, arriving in the colon as a living culture. Once there, it plays a beneficial role in your intestinal ecosystem.

5) Who should eat Activia?

Activia is for anyone who wants to help naturally improve digestive discomfort or anyone who simply, wants to enjoy a delicious low fat yogurt. As part of a balanced diet, it's suitable and safe for the whole family, including children as young as age 3.

Activia is not suitable for people with milk allergies.

Milk allergies usually relates milk protein and because Activia is a diary product, it does contain milk proteins. If you are uncertain about Activia's suitability for you, please consult a healthcare professional before using it. Lactose intolerance is due to an inability to digest lactose, which is the inherent sugar in milk. If you are lactose intolerant but do tolerate other yoghurt products, it is likely that you will also tolerate Activia.

Some people who are lactose intolerant may consume Activia, (as with other dairy products with live and active cultures). People under severe lactose intolerance, may not be able to eat Activia. If you are uncertain, we recommend speaking with a doctor about any concerns you might have prior to consuming Activia.

6) Is Activia suitable for children?

Yes, Activia is suitable for the whole family, including children age three and older, who are looking to eat a healthy, balanced diet.

7) Can I consume Activia if I am pregnant or nursing?

Activia is good for the whole family. It is particularly recommended for Adults but may also be consumed by children as from the age of three years. Dairy products are well known as being an important part of the diet of pregnant and breast-feeding woman, and Activia is no exception. However, one should always consult their doctor when pregnant or for children under the age of three.

8) How long until I feel a difference from Activia?

Activia is clinically proven to naturally help to improve slow intestinal transit time in 15 days when eaten daily.

9) Is Activia suitable for vegetarians?

Apart from the milk & milk-derived ingredients, Activia does not contain any animal-derived ingredients. Activia also has the Shudda certification.

10) Is Activia suitable for diabetics?

People with diabetes can enjoy a healthy range of foods in just the same way as people who don't have diabetes. Activia is an excellent source of calcium and is therefore an important part of your diet. Diabetics should however still consult with their doctor.

Activia does contain sugar but can be incorporates into a healthy, well planned, balanced diabetic diet. However, diabetics should consult with their dietician or nutritionist before including Activia in their diets.

11) How much Activia do I need to eat to get the clinically proven benefit?

We recommend eating at least one 125g container of Activia each day for 15 days.

12) What is the recommended daily quantity of Activia?

Is there a benefit to consuming more than one serving of Activia a day?

Studies on the intestinal transit time have shown the "effectiveness of Activia" when it is consumed on a daily basis for 15 days. These same studies have also demonstrated that the amount consumed by the study participant influenced the results, with greater effectiveness when up to three 125g portions a day were consumed.

In addition, Acti Regularis™ and other Bifidobacterium do not stay in the colon and are eliminated in the stools along with other bacteria. The positive effects of eating Activia on a regular basis will end after a few weeks once you stop eating it. We therefore recommend consuming at least one 125g container of Activia each day. After studies show that these beneficial effects will start appearing after 15 days of eating Activia.

13) Does Activia prevent constipation?

Activia was studied in adults presenting slower but still a physiological normal intestinal transit time, and not in the pathological context of constipation. Activia is not a medication, it is a food. Through regular consumption it helps reduce long intestinal transit time.

14) How does Activia help improve slow intestinal transit time?

Activia has a unique culture called Acti Regularis™ that has been scientifically proven to survive passage through the digestive system. Activia with Acti Regularis™ has been scientifically proven to help regulate your digestive system when eaten daily for 15 days.

15) Is the probiotic Culture affected by leaving the cup open?

The cultures are anaerobic (which means they do not survive well with oxygen) and therefore once the pack is opened and exposed to oxygen, there is a progressive loss of bacteria over time. It is best to eat single cups, at a time.

16) What role does Activia play in the body?

Researchers for Activia have specifically selected the bifidobacterium called Acti Regularis™ for its beneficial properties that help naturally regulate the digestive system. Activia with Acti Regularis™ has been shown to play a role in helping shorten long intestinal transit. Slow intestinal transit, principally due to poor dietary habits and stress, can be a source of digestive discomfort (bloating, feelings of heaviness, and aches).

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